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Some Views on the President

It seems like the President of the United States is someone who is always being critiqued, and a lot of these viewpoints that are put out there are from media sources that do not have an extensive background in observing the presidents. I was able to get my grandmothers take on what she thought about the presidents through the years from who she first voted for all the way through to present day.

Old-Old School

Being apart of this generation has given us all a unique perspective on school. Can you imagine writing a research paper without the help of the internet? Back in the 1940 and 50’s, college was a completely different ballgame. The United States was a completely different place, almost other-worldly even. It was the dawn of the civil rights movement, women had only been voting for 30 years, and the doctor gave you his opinion on what brand of cigaret you should smoke. Even outside of this oh-so-far away land, attending a four-year school back then had many of the same challenges we face today, along with a few others tossed in for good measure.

In today’s tech-savey world, you can easily forget that information wasn’t always so readily at our fingertips. Try and explain the Dewey Decimal System to your average college freshman today, and watch as in the blink of an eye your voice becomes radio static. Try typing a paper without spellcheck, oh and do you know what “auto-correct” was? whiteout and a long frustrating night. Ill admit I wouldn’t switch places with a college kid from 1947 for all the fries in Paris, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have mad respect for these scholars of yesteryear.


Where is the Cell Phone Headed?

From the car phone, to the brick phone, all the way to the iPhone, mobil telephones have made some unbelievable jumps up the technological latter. The cellphone used to be a status symbol but overtime it turned into the necessary accessory that nobody saw coming. Phones have replaced the television, the camera, the computer, the Walkman and even the flashlight in many peoples lives. We use them to show us where to go and to show others where we’ve been.

Where is the cellular phone headed though? 30 years ago this technology was behind comprehension, but now there cannot be a future without them. These amazing advancements in technology are advancing everyday by leaps and bounds, with faster processors, more interactive interfaces and more different functions than a swiss army knife.

In many Hollywood depictions of the future such as in the movie ‘Looper,’ phones get smaller and thinner becoming almost class-like. Today’s new cell phones on the other hand seem to be headed in the opposite direction with some models looking more like a tablet than a phone.

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Update The Money

Why is it that Americans are so slow to give up their old ways? No matter what the aspect of change, and no matter how much better a new way of doing something may seem, there is always going to be someone pushing back against it. Take the 20 dollar bill for instance, Andrew Jackson has had his mug on this note since 1861. Finally someone purposed the idea of putting Harriet Tubman in his place, and I for one am all for this change! I think US currency should be a statement of how far we’ve come, and not just where we started.

Andrew Jackson owned slaves and killed Native Americans, while Tubman helped see to the freedom of countless slaves. The 2o dollar bill was worth a totally different value than it is today, and if the value of money can change why can’t it’s appearance?

Don’t stop with the 20, lets take Benjamin Franklin off the 100 and put FDR’s iconic self in his place. And while we’re at it, why not let Dr. Martin Luther King be the new face of the 5 or the 10? Lets just do a whole revamp of the portraits on our currency, except for Abraham Lincoln. He should stay right where he’s at.

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The Madden Curse

Superstition or curs? is that question that has been on the mind of many sports fans for over 20 years. This belief is that once a star NFL player is on the cover of the Madden football video game, that season or the following season they are cursed in one way or another. Lets take a second to look at the most recent cause for this argument with Rob Gronkowski. He appeared on the cover of Madden 17 and despite his team, the New England Patriots making it all the way to a victorious Super Bowl, his season was riddled with injuries.

This phenomenon has become so widely recognized and validated that the gambling world has issued bets on whether or not that years Madden cover player will be injured the following season. I would say thats a pretty safe bet!

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How Has Trump Done So Far?

In Donald Trump’s first week in office, he signed five executive orders. That might seem like a lot to some and it is, but you need to remember that he is not the first president to come in to office and want to use their executive power to bypass congress and get stuff done from the very start of their presidency. The most recent x-president Barack Obama signed 5 executive orders during his first week in office, which is the same number as Donald Trump signed. Bill Clinton signed an executive order on his first day in office just as trump did.

I think everyone needs to take a step back and take a deep breath and have a look at history, this has happened before and everything will be okay. This is just the classic change in administration and political party. I will even go so far as to say that Trump has an done okay job this far into his presidency. This is all new to him, and like it or not he is in power and is our president no matter what anyone’s sign says.

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To Beard or Not to Beard

So what I want to talk about today is the recent “growth” in the number of young guys that have beards now days. Where did this come from or is it just me? This new trend is just another example of recurring trends, or old classic things brought back out in popular culture once more.

Now more than ever I believe that beards are on the rise, and if you have ever been beard-curious, then now is your opportunity to see if it works for you! Companies have been formed such as the Dollar Beard Club, because this rising number of guys sporting facial hair. I highly recommend their products by the way! Start your no-shave-winter today, I know I have.

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I am not musically gifted by any stretch of the imagination, but I still have always had a desire to make music. I don’t have all the time necessary at this point in my life to learn a new instrument, so finding the computer program BTV Solo was a huge plus! When looking at music making software, price was a factor as well as simplicity and neither is an issue with BTV. It is extremely affordable and easy to use.

Using this program for the first time, I was unfamiliar with the interface but was able to get the hang of it after only a short while. Making verses using drums can be easily done by creating layers to your song. You can have nearly every instrument at your fingertips. Each layer can be added one by one, making the finished product as unique as desired. I have attached a photo of what the screen displays as you use this program. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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No More Super-Teams!

In the world of professional sports, one mark of a truly great athlete is achieving the glory of a championship. For many players in the MBA, this goal is more out of reach than ever before. Chances are, if you play for any team besides the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavilers, a trip to the finals is not in the cards for you this year. Future hall of fame forward Kevin Durant set in motion what could be the demise of the former competitive MBA with his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors.

Last season former MVP Durant, along with his costar Russel Westbrook, took the Thunder all the way to the Western Conference finals and played a thrilling series against the Warriors. They only barely fell short of victory and a chance for a championship, but instead of staying with OKC and maintaining a more competitive league, he decided to join the already star-studded roster of Golden State. When superstar talent is concentrated to one or two teams, I believe it could very well cause the demise of competition in the MBA.

Durant was not the first player to leave a loyal fan base and teammates in pursuit of a title.  Lebron James left Cleveland in 2010 to join Dwyane Wade in Miami and won 2 championships. This was different than what Durant did because the Heat was not a championship caliber team until James arrived. The Warriors, with a starting lineup consisting of Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green, was already one of the best teams in the MBA fresh off back to back Finals appearances.

This move creates an unbalance of talent in the league, and could cause more superstars to take the easy road to a championship instead of striving to beat the best. What is to stop Carmelo Anthony from Joining Cleveland? or Russel Westbrook from doing the same as his former teammate? Spread out the talent!

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