No More Super-Teams!

In the world of professional sports, one mark of a truly great athlete is achieving the glory of a championship. For many players in the MBA, this goal is more out of reach than ever before. Chances are, if you play for any team besides the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavilers, a trip to the finals is not in the cards for you this year. Future hall of fame forward Kevin Durant set in motion what could be the demise of the former competitive MBA with his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors.

Last season former MVP Durant, along with his costar Russel Westbrook, took the Thunder all the way to the Western Conference finals and played a thrilling series against the Warriors. They only barely fell short of victory and a chance for a championship, but instead of staying with OKC and maintaining a more competitive league, he decided to join the already star-studded roster of Golden State. When superstar talent is concentrated to one or two teams, I believe it could very well cause the demise of competition in the MBA.

Durant was not the first player to leave a loyal fan base and teammates in pursuit of a title.  Lebron James left Cleveland in 2010 to join Dwyane Wade in Miami and won 2 championships. This was different than what Durant did because the Heat was not a championship caliber team until James arrived. The Warriors, with a starting lineup consisting of Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green, was already one of the best teams in the MBA fresh off back to back Finals appearances.

This move creates an unbalance of talent in the league, and could cause more superstars to take the easy road to a championship instead of striving to beat the best. What is to stop Carmelo Anthony from Joining Cleveland? or Russel Westbrook from doing the same as his former teammate? Spread out the talent!

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