I am not musically gifted by any stretch of the imagination, but I still have always had a desire to make music. I don’t have all the time necessary at this point in my life to learn a new instrument, so finding the computer program BTV Solo was a huge plus! When looking at music making software, price was a factor as well as simplicity and neither is an issue with BTV. It is extremely affordable and easy to use.

Using this program for the first time, I was unfamiliar with the interface but was able to get the hang of it after only a short while. Making verses using drums can be easily done by creating layers to your song. You can have nearly every instrument at your fingertips. Each layer can be added one by one, making the finished product as unique as desired. I have attached a photo of what the screen displays as you use this program. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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