Update The Money

Why is it that Americans are so slow to give up their old ways? No matter what the aspect of change, and no matter how much better a new way of doing something may seem, there is always going to be someone pushing back against it. Take the 20 dollar bill for instance, Andrew Jackson has had his mug on this note since 1861. Finally someone purposed the idea of putting Harriet Tubman in his place, and I for one am all for this change! I think US currency should be a statement of how far we’ve come, and not just where we started.

Andrew Jackson owned slaves and killed Native Americans, while Tubman helped see to the freedom of countless slaves. The 2o dollar bill was worth a totally different value than it is today, and if the value of money can change why can’t it’s appearance?

Don’t stop with the 20, lets take Benjamin Franklin off the 100 and put FDR’s iconic self in his place. And while we’re at it, why not let Dr. Martin Luther King be the new face of the 5 or the 10? Lets just do a whole revamp of the portraits on our currency, except for Abraham Lincoln. He should stay right where he’s at.

Image from: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2016/04/20/social-media-reaction-decision-put-harriet-tubman/WIPLbhJQus5hOVgaQjvZbI/story.html



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