Where is the Cell Phone Headed?

From the car phone, to the brick phone, all the way to the iPhone, mobil telephones have made some unbelievable jumps up the technological latter. The cellphone used to be a status symbol but overtime it turned into the necessary accessory that nobody saw coming. Phones have replaced the television, the camera, the computer, the Walkman and even the flashlight in many peoples lives. We use them to show us where to go and to show others where we’ve been.

Where is the cellular phone headed though? 30 years ago this technology was behind comprehension, but now there cannot be a future without them. These amazing advancements in technology are advancing everyday by leaps and bounds, with faster processors, more interactive interfaces and more different functions than a swiss army knife.

In many Hollywood depictions of the future such as in the movie ‘Looper,’ phones get smaller and thinner becoming almost class-like. Today’s new cell phones on the other hand seem to be headed in the opposite direction with some models looking more like a tablet than a phone.

Image From: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/263038434456080396/



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